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We provide all kinds of stock, expertise,

training, animal wranglers, actors, location scouting, props, and anything you need for movies,

TV, rodeos, live productions, and special events.

2021: Remake of the Sex Pistols, Texas
Tour-British TV Production:  
worked as law enforcement liaison


2021: Miranda Lambert, Music Video
“If I was a Cowboy” 
Head Wrangler, furnished horses, riding double for Miranda, 3 Cowboys,
and taught 3 actors to ride

2021: Dodge Commercial, shown on Yellowstone and 1883: Head Wrangler, Furnished cattle & location

2021 TV Production: “1883” Worked as Wrangler and rode background


2021 TV Production: “The Chosen” We worked as Head Animal Wrangler, providing various animals, including horses, sheep, goats, donkeys and also rode as a Roman soldier.

2021 Movie: “Salvage Yard Shine Boys”  

Chris Hensel (Jeb Stuart Duke) Co- Producer /Director Byron Cherry (Coy Duke), played Deputy Bubba Bradford & Bob Alford played Sheriff Richard Bradford

March 2020: Photoshoot: “The Texas Series”: 

Provided longhorn stock and wranglers for photoshoot in downtown Dallas for renowned photographer David Yarrow. 


Feb. 2020: Movie: “The Green Knight”:originally filmed in Ireland, we worked as Head Wrangler for some animal make-over scenes. 

Feb 2020: Television Commercial for

“Toro Mowers”:  worked as Head Wrangler, provided a fighting bull.  Worked locations, providing film locations for the bull and location for the mowers 

Oct/November, 2020: Movie: 

“12 Mighty Orphans”:  starring Robert Duvall, Martin Sheen, Luke Wilson and many top name actors. We worked as Head Animal Wrangler, providing various animals, including horse & wagon for the 1935 era film. Also worked as on-set security for Robert Duvall Had a small part with actress Kelly Riley & actor Zach Jones


2019: Wrangler - TV Commercial


2018: St Heron Productions - Music video 


2018: Chevrolet Silverado - TV Commercial


2018: Thistle Creek - Provided stock, wranglers, taught actors to ride and also assisted in locations.

2017: Queen of the South - Five episodes of the twelve filmed for Queen of the South, Season

# 2. We worked 202-204-207-210-212. I appeared in 202 and 210.  We put on a horse race; a Mexican Rodeo and supplied various animals including, ranch horses, bucking horses, race horses, steers, a mule, and a goat. We also assisted in locations for several of the productions.
























2017: Commercial for Albertson's and United Super Markets.  We supplied all locations for the four day shoot.  We supplied 70 head of Angus cattle, five real ranch hands, six horses and worked with the actor on riding lessons. The main cattle scenes were on a ranch in the Venus area and at my home place, where we did some scenes at the barn, my backyard for a cook out and my garage to show the food processing.


2017: Commercial for SMU. where we duplicated the SMU Mascot, which was the basis for the commercial. I also did the Voice Over for that Production. 

2016 State Fair of Texas - Wild West Show at

State Fair of Texas Dallas. Largest state fair in

the country

Movie, NAIL 32,- A Faith Based/Rodeo Movie. Worked as Actor, Helped with Locations, Animal Wrangler -horses -dog.


2011-2014 TV show Dallas - Pilot & 3 Seasons

Great American Wild West Show-  @ least

10 yrs


Cowboys for Kids-17 yrs includes

PBR /Celebrity Roping/Dinner w/Celebrites 

Local Productions-trail rides for charities -

Rocky Top Therapeutic Center

Children's Advocacy Center--Johnson Co  

Specialty Act-tribute to Texas Rangers.

Belton Rodeo 2013 SVCC opening 2015


Cadillac Jack & Ponder (movie)


Finding Faith- (movie by J. C. Films and Eric Estrada, assisted with Production Cost)

TV Comercial for Sony Japan-Texas Cowboys. Furnised location Longhorn cattle, horse and cowboys, 2014


TV series Amazing Race-Furnished location 60 head of cattle, 26 horse and 18 cowboys, 2015


Sonic TV spot-Shown on history channel during mini-series Texas Rising, 2015


Promised Land Diaries-Location and cattle, 2015


Good Guys (TV show)

Walker Texas Ranger (TV show)

Wishbone (TV show) 

FW rodeo  '91 & '96 (speciality act)

Numerous location scouts for TV & commercials

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