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     Here at Buckshot Bob’s Diamond A Bar Livestock Productions; we have the knowledge, experience, top quality livestock and a crew of outstanding and experienced wranglers standing ready to make your entertainment production a resounding success.

     We offer and provide the best in livestock and experienced animal wranglers at a very competitive, Texas based, price package.

     Some of our previous productions are listed and we are fortunate to receive regular referrals from the Dallas Film Commission.

     At Diamond A Bar Livestock Productions, our # 1 goal is - SAFETY- for the cast and crew and for our livestock.

     We enjoy and take Pride in the  finished productions, that we have participated in.

     Our Passion and greatest achievement is to please the Producers and Directors that we work with. Honoring shooting schedules and finishing a production with the cast and crew wanting to work with us again,- is what sets us apart from other livestock contractors.

    PLEASE,  contact us to discuss your livestock production needs.


                             Best regards and Happy Trails,

                             Buckshot Bob Alford

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